What We Do training services were established because there is a lack of specialized training for Government contractors. was created to fill that void. provides government contract training in large group settings, virtually and in smaller settings at contractor locations.

We are ready and prepared to provide training support to  Government contractors, with the goal of increasing the staff’s Government contracting knowledge and skill-sets. has unique training courses available. If you don’t see your training requirement on the website, contact us through the website or call Brian Hebbel at 410 419 4627.


 Mock Technical Panel Evaluation Training

Announcing a Unique Training Experience:  Participate on a Live Mock Technical Evaluation Panel (TEP) with a former Federal Government technical evaluation panel chairperson expert who chaired 78 high dollar IT technical evaluation panels. 


Ever wondered what goes on inside the Government during proposal evaluations? This training is an amazing opportunity to participate on a Live (classroom and/or virtual) Government Technical Evaluation Panel . We will walk you through the technical evaluation processes in a virtual live setting, similar to how proposal evaluations are being conducted today.  


Our unique training program will provide training material and require you to go through the same process Federal technical evaluation panels go through to evaluate proposals. This training is intended to improve proposal writing skills for proposal writers and delivery staff alike. 

For individual companies, this is a training and team building activity, bringing proposal writers and delivery personnel together, to improve on communication and working together in a challenging environment (virtual or in-person).


Attendance is also required two days prior to the main training event for registrants to receive training material including SOW, 3 short technical proposals, 3 resumes and evaluation score sheets.


Registration for all of our current training is found through Eventbrite at this link: 

Space is limited to 15 registrants for each session.  Space is also available for observers who instead choose to watch the technical evaluation panel in action. Registration to be an observer is found at the above link. Observers will receive the same training material but will not be required to evaluate and score the proposals to participate in the training event.  

Cost: Participant: $499.00

          Observer: $349.00

There is no other training like this available to the Federal Government contractor community.


Contract Performance Assessment Retrieval System (CPARS)


Registration for this training is found through Eventbrite at this link: 

A Webex training event. 

Presenters: Brian Hebbel and Rod Benson

January and December are usually busy times when Federal Officials complete CPARS ratings.  Register today to increase your CPARS ratings tomorrow.  

  • Want to receive Exceptional CPARS yearly evaluations?  

  • Want to learn best practices to maximize your CPARS ratings?

  • Want to understand how people inside the Government think when they initially evaluate and reevaluate your CPARS?

  • Our training will teach you what your company and its employees need to do to generate processes to manage your CPARS and create opportunities to increase your yearly CPARS rating.

  • We'll train you on how to respond to the Government for marginal CPARS rating or if you just want an increase in a rating element. Should you even respond? We'll discuss that. 

  • Get an "Inside Government Perspective. Brian Hebbel was a "CPARS "Assessing Official" and reviewed dozens of contractor disputed CPARS. Why would he increase a CPARS rating? Come to our seminar to find out why. 

  • Industry feedback to our June 17th Seminar was Excellent.

  • There is no other similar CPARS training available to industry.  

  • Find out how your ratings compared to your peers with our recent national CPARS data from the 2nd quarter FY2020

  • The training material will be provided to all attendees.

  • Cost: $149.00

Register at for this training or any of our other training events.   



Registration for this training is found through Eventbrite at this link: 

Presenters: Brian Hebbel and Ed Wilgus


  • Everything a Federal Contractor should know about the FAR

  • Gain the knowledge of a 30 year Contracting Officer

  • Everything you need to know about the FAR in two hours

  • Understand the language of the Contracting Officer

  • Our training will help you to understand what your company and employees need to know when the Contracting Officer is talking about the FAR.

  • FAR Part 8 or FAR Part 15.  What does that mean to you and why would you care?

  • A sole source under FAR Part 6 or FAR Part 16?  Which is better for you?

  • When a Contracting Officer talks about the FAR, what does he/she mean?

  • The training material will be provided to all attendees. 

Cost: $149.00

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CONFLICT OF INTEREST TRAINING with former Senior Acquisition Official and lawyer, Rod Benson  

Registration for this training is found through Eventbrite at this link: 

A Webex training event. 

Presenters: Brian Hebbel and Rod Benson


Contractors must perform Federal Government contracts free of COIs.  Rod Benson, a nationally recognized expert on conflict of interest matters, will provide practical guidance for addressing COIs in proposals and for handling COIs which arise during contract performance.  Rod is an attorney and former Director of the Office of Acquisitions and Grant Management for the Centers and Medicare and Medicaid Services.  He has extensive knowledge of and experience with COIs. 

Rod will discuss: The COI requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulations; How to identify COIs; Strategies for mitigating COIs; How to handle COIs in proposals; How the Government evaluates and addresses COIs; Processes for compliance with COI contract requirements COIs as grounds for protest; You will find this training to be informative and will provide the information you need to successfully manage COIs for your Federal Government contracts.

Cost: $149.00


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Maximize Your Profit & Fee during PreAward & PostAward Negotiations  

Registration for this training is found through Eventbrite at this link: 

A Webex Training Event.

Presenters: Brian Hebbel and Ed Wilgus

  • Presenters/Trainers Brian Hebbel and Ed Wilgus together have over 65 years of experience in the role of contracting officers.

  • They understand the logic and language of the contracting officer regarding profit and fee and will share it with you in this training seminar. 

  • Few contractors know how to approach contracting officers to intelligently discuss profit and fee percentages. We do!

  • The training will include procedures and practices contracting officers follow to adequately document their negotiation memo and internal contract file documentation. Knowing these will educate you how to approach them.  

  • The training will provide the processes you need a know to start the conversation to request higher profit and fee percentages.

  • The training will describe the hidden "inside" profit and fee assessment techniques contractors don’t know or rarely use, but should.

  • Attend our 1.5 hour presentation and learn how to increase your profit and fees. 

  • These techniques are best applied on contract modifications, Set-Aside Limited Competitions and Sole Source Awards where a cost analysis must be performed.   

  • You don't know what you don't know regarding negotiating profit and fee until you attend this training seminar.   

  • The PowerPoint training material will be provided to attendees.  

  • Two dates are being offered as we expect this training seminar to fill quickly. 
    Cost: $149.00


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Engagement Strategies during COVID: train with a former CIO and Senior Contracting Official 

Registration for this training is found through Eventbrite at this link: 

A Webex training event.

Presenters: Brian Hebbel and Tony Trenkle

  • COVID-19 has changed the manner in which contractors engage Federal officials.  

  • It has not been business as usual since March of 2020. 

  • As a result, engagement strategies are more important than ever. 

  • During this training event, a former Chief Information Officer and former Senior Contracting Official will discuss techniques to engage Agency officials, with COVID-19 in mind. 


  • The training is geared to:

  1. Help you to think more strategically when engaging Agency personnel, particularly now that new engagement strategies are required. 

  2. Provide you a better understanding of how Federal employees think towards vendors and vendor-requested meetings.

  3. Equip you with proven techniques to get more meaningful meetings with Federal staff and better results from those meetings

  4. Increase your understanding of “do’s and don’ts” of how to communicate with Agency personnel during COVID-19 and into the future.

       Cost: $149.00

    Register at for this training or any of our other training events. 

There is no other training like this available to the Federal Government contractor community.