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Areas of Focus


Areas of focus we collaborate with executives, management teams and leaders through one-on-one and group coaching to help you perform at your full potential and to breakdown complex business challenges into manageable solutions.


Colleagues has an abundance of former federal officials from all levels of Government and industry representative to help support your business development, capture and postaward contracting needs. We pride ourselves in knowing the details that take in the bowels of Government and the activities that take place in the senior executive’s offices. If we don’t have an expert you are specifically looking for, we won’t provide you with anyone to fill your need, we’ll help you to find another company to fill your void. Our goal to help our clients and make them successful.  

A unique Mock Technical Proposal Evaluation Workshop.  You’ll become a Government technical panel member for a day.

Proposal Evaluation Training with former Government technical panel chairs and contracting officers.

Consulting Services


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Small Business Support Services

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Teaming Support Services

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